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Signs of the Times  •  4 January 2019 •  No. 181

Processional.We Three Kings,” violin and orchestra, featuring Erika Blanco.

Above: Fiery topaz hummingbirds are found in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Their natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest.
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Signs of the Times  •  20 December 2018 •  No. 179

Processional. Flash Flash – Jerusalem during the Christmas Tree Lighting party.” (Thanks Dick.)

Above: A face-on view of spiral galaxy NGC 4911, located deep within the Coma Cluster of galaxies, 320 million light-years away, lined with long clouds of dust and gas. These are seen in silhouette against glowing newborn star clusters and iridescent pink clouds of hydrogen, the existence of which indicates ongoing star formation. Hubble also captured the fainter outer spiral arms of NGC 4911, along with thousands of other galaxies of varying sizes in the background.
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Signs of the Times  •  7 December 2018  •  No. 178

IN THIS ISSUE: a poem, and a litany for worship, focused on John the Baptist. Below that, a large collection of Advent and Christmas resources for personal reflection and public worship. —Ken Sehested

The baptizer’s bargain
A poem based on John the Baptist

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