Litanies & Prayers

Chords of comfort

To what wilderness have you strayed, oh people of the Way? To what distraction have you tuned your ears? Have you not heard? To what diversion have you loaned your eyes? Have you not seen? Oh people of Mercy:

Sing chords of comfort to worried minds, tender songs to wounded hearts. Raise a song of gladness!

The One who established the foundations of the earth has not abandoned. The One whose breast has nursed you has not forsaken. Oh people of Mercy:

Sing chords of comfort to worried minds, tender songs to wounded hearts. Raise a song of gladness! Read more ›

Cheek to cheek

Thus says Yahweh, author and anchor of creation,
to the people of Promise whose memory has failed:

When you were but a babe, I cradled you. I swept you
into my arms and nestled you under my chin.

I suckled you and sang sweetly, cheek to cheek,
calming your restless hands and feet. Read more ›

By Thy might

The Rock of the Righteous is our God:

Who marks the boundaries between justice and vengeance;

Who blazes the Way from enmity to peace;

Who causes the wicked to stumble in their folly Read more ›

By the Word of Truth

By the Word of Truth we are nursed and nestled.
We are cradled, caressed, and sanctified.

But the Word of Truth is more than flapping
tongue, more than motoring mouth, more than
syllable after endless sentence designed to
deceive and disguise and delude. Read more ›

By Pardon ruled

By pardon ruled, by praise renewed, let every mouth confess.

That Christ was raised and death subdued to heal, redeem and bless.

Oh happy day when hearts unfold to grace and mercy’s might.

No more can mortal grief constrain the realm of God’s delight. Read more ›

Building a culture of peace

As we enter this new millennium
we reaffirm our abiding conviction
     that the God of Scripture manifests
     special concern for the cries of the poor:

Of the marginalized, the outcast, indeed
all who have no access to the table.
     We also believe that if the people
     of God are to be faithful to our calling
Read more ›

Bright Sadness

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the season of Lent is described as a “bright sadness.”

In the sadness that surrounds our lives, our community, our world, we give thanks, nevertheless. More is at work than we can see.

Lent is a time for clearing and cleansing. Dustballs happen.

In the midst of life’s crippling failures, we still give thanks. In the midst of Fox News’ deceptions, we still give thanks. Nevertheless, nevertheless. Read more ›

Breath of Heaven

O Breath of Heaven and Earth’s Delight, to your shelter we flee from enmity’s fright.

Incline your ear to each whimpering voice collapsed by the weight of earth-splitting fear.

O Rock of Ages, refuge of sages, deflect every threat of sin-soaked rages.

From murderous scheme and unraveling seam deliver from slavery to freedom’s bright dream. Read more ›

Bounty and abundance

Jump for joy, oh people! For amid the screaming commercials and blithering campaign ads, the Redeemer has heard our aching voice.

God hears! God knows! This is our assurance against all blistering deceit.

When misery and madness encompassed me, when anguish threatened to undo me, when heartache split my soul, I uttered my cry to any who would hear.

God hears! God knows! This is our assurance against the rule of regret. Read more ›

Bound to this freedom

Happy are you who do not heed the advice of evil ones, or take the path of deceivers, or sit in the chambers of the haughty.

But our delight is in the Way of Life; we labor along its path by day and we are wrapped in its protection by night.

Because of this, you are like trees planted by fresh streams of water, yielding your fruit in season, holding your leaves without fail. Your future is assured.

The self-centered are absorbed in empty boasts. They are driven by foul winds. They shall be scattered to distant wastelands, withering in wanton decay. Read more ›